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Achy, stiff muscles finally gain relief with an all-natural blend of arnica, ginger, pine and clove. These botanical extracts have proven calming and relaxing properties, reviving strained joints and improving flexibility to relax painful, stressed muscles. Scutellaria, an extract that releases endorphins and calms overactive …

Refreshing foot gel with the antimicrobial and antifungal botanical derivatives thyme, pansy, rosemary, and pine. This cooling gel gives a pleasant, fresh feeling to tired feet while limiting development of perspiration.Scutellaria, causes a calming of the nerves of the feet to provide unparalleled soothing for strained and sore feet.

Prevent damaging friction irritations before they begin. This balanced blend of botanicals helps your skin repair itself afterdamage, but more importantly prevents long term frictionirritations before they start. Occlusive silicones create a longlasting, friction free barrier. Antifungal, antimicrobial and skin conditioning botanicals are added for superior protection fromchaf…

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Sportique supports WBR - World Bicycle Relief

SPORTIQUE supports and contributes to World Bicycle Relief Fund. Please join our drive, visit the WBR site. Pass the good word.

More Info at WBR site


InstaForex Loprais Team exclusively choose  SPORTIQUE products to protect and shelter team of professional  drivers, mechanics and support personnel
from extreme heat & cold exposure, duress, and element danger at the worlds toughest and  most grueling Truck Race.